Michael's Challenge

A year or so ago, the craft store chain Michael's welcomed anyone who wanted to take professional photographs into their stores (particularly the floral department). I heard about this challenge but was kind of out of the photography loop at the time so I kind of forgot about it until recently.

It might be from shooting out in nature recently and all the flowers I'm around that brought this challenge to mind - I'm not really sure - but I remembered the challenge and wanted to try it! Thankfully a friend was free to model for me so we met up at a local Michael's store and took some pictures!

We were only in the store for about a half hour but wow, we got some great shots!! I'm kinda blown away at how well these turned out. They don't look like they were taken in a store at all! I encourage fellow photographers to try this out if you're interested because I'm honestly in love with these photos.

Let's check them out!

This is one of the photos you take and look at the back of the camera and go "wow". I was honestly so surprised at this shot!!

I love the orange colors in this one. It matches Becky's complexion and hair so well!

This one is just so dreamy!

I have a few more pics left to edit but these three stood out to me. I hope you enjoy them! Until next time!

Sarah Friese

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