New Project: Crowns

Hello! I hope you all have been well.

I have been busy lately working on my latest project: Crowns!

This project came about from a couple of sources of inspiration. One being art history and how halos are depicted as either solid circles or radiating poles of light. The second source of inspiration was the MET Gala this year. The theme for the MET Gala 2018 was "Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination" and celebrities really took the theme to heart. The outfits were beautiful but what really inspired me were the halo inspired crowns that they were wearing. Here are a few examples:

Aren't the crowns just so neat? 

I knew I wanted to try my hand at making a few for photoshoots. I found this youtube tutorial especially helpful for getting started. I bought some supplies at the dollar store and got started!

The first crown I wanted to make was the spiked halo. For this I bought some thin headbands and bamboo skewers used for cooking. I simply attached the skewers to the headband with hot glue, shortening them ever so slightly to create that rounded halo shape. It helps a lot if you do this on a styrofoam head so you'll have an idea of what the crown will look like stretched out on your own head! Here are some progress pictures of the spiked crown:
The very beginning stages
 Finished all the spikes!
Spray painted gold!

I still want to add rhinestones and flowers to the halo crown so it's still a WIP but I'm really happy with how it looks so far!

My second crown was inspired by this youtube tutorial. The only real thing I followed from this tutorial was using a wider headband and a foam support structure. I kinda went my own direction with the look of the shells and such. Once again I recommend making this crown on a styrofoam head because this one definitely needs to stretch! Here are my progress pics of the mermaid crown:
The very beginnings. You can still see a lot of the styrofoam structure.

 The final design without the spikes on top.

The final (? I might add more) crown

I'm really happy with how this crown turned out, especially since I honestly kind of winged it with the design. I might add more, we'll see!

As far as my next crowns go, I'm going to make one similar to the first spiked halo one but paint it red and add pearl accents, and I'm currently working on one inspired by the moon! Here's a little preview for you:

Thanks for taking the time to read this! I'm looking for models to wear these crowns for photos so if you're interested please let me know! 


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