Back in the Groove & Off Camera Flash!

Hi everyone!

I'm so happy to say that I've finally overcome my artist block and have been taking photographs again! I've already done three shoots at the time of writing this!

An exciting development in my photography is that I've started using off camera flash (OCF) again! I used it at one convention but carrying around the equipment was such a hassle I decided to nix it. I never really picked it back up after that because the majority of photos I took were at conventions and I sort of became a natural light photographer with some flash thrown in from time to time.

Flash forward to the last few weeks. I've come to realize that I don't really enjoy shooting at conventions anymore because it's too stressful and I'd rather put my energy into shooting things outside of conventions. I also remember that I have taken some awesome pictures in the past with OCF and I still have the equipment at home! I had the opportunity to go home, so I grabbed my OCF equipment and took some test shots of my dad. They turned out very well and I started getting the long-gone feeling of excitement of shooting again!

Once I started feeling excited about shooting again, I was able to put myself out there in a local cosplayer/photographer community and asked if anyone would like to model for me while I was in town. I got some interest and was able to work with a local cosplayer and we shot at a local park and the photos turned out great! I felt like I was getting my confidence back!

Honestly, I'm so happy things are going well with photography again. I want to take more and more photos and experiment with all sorts of techniques and people!

I'm not going to go over my off camera flash equipment/techniques in this post because honestly it's not that advanced of a set up and there are plenty of other of posts/videos about the technique on the internet but if you are interested in that information, let me know!

And now the part you've all been waiting for: Pictures! All of these are taken within the last week. Enjoy!

This is one of the first pictures I took of my dad with off camera flash.

Shoot at Cox Arboretum in Dayton, OH with Space Mermaid Cosplay

Shoot at Cox Arboretum in Dayton, OH with Space Mermaid Cosplay

Shoot with Lady of Rohan Cosplay in Cleveland, OH

Shoot with Lady of Rohan Cosplay in Cleveland, OH

I hope you all enjoy the photos and I hope to have more to share with y'all soon!! Until next time!


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